Connection issues from several MC players.

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    Several of us are not able to connect to the server.

    error messages include:

    connection lost...enternal exception: an existing connection closed by the remote host

    connection lost unable to perform anonymization checks try connecting again later.

    I am able to access 3 other servers with no issues.

    I think these players have had the same issue.

    @BirdieBB @jmactastic @Kills @213JoseYT @Kelliott88 @Neurovic
  2. Unable to log in to game today
    Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
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    Server has been going fine, i know there have been some internet issues do to the Amazon incident...
    There is an anti VPN plugin that might be the cause, i have disabled it until i can confirm either way
  4. Ok, issue found and fixed, it was thew VPN guard. It has a monthly limit which (if the cache was enabled, which it was) shouldnt have been an issue. It was checking every player, now it only checks new players
    VPN guard keeps 'some' griefers out
    Sorry for the agro guys

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