Dump Hardcore Replace with VANILLA PARADISE =)

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Dump Hardcore Replace with VANILLA PARADISE =)

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  1. So some of us were chatting and were discussing that it would be nice to have a pure vanilla world. Someone had mentioned that no one really plays on the HardCore world much if any. So I made the suggestion of dumping the hardcore for a vanilla paradise.

    start the world small around 10k diameter then gradually expand the borders outward 500 blocks each week. 1 year later the vanilla paradise would be the size of world 2. If its not popular then just shut it down and replace with something new. We were discussing having it seperate from multiverse but use bungee cord instead. That should eliminate any bugs or issues from multiverse.

    full PVP
    you can break into other peoples bases but only break what is necessary to complete the robbery =), dont tear down someones base (golden rule: dont be douche bag mmmmmkay)
    free game: animals, villagers, mobs, crops etc.

    there are ways to protect your builds and also make vaults in vanilla. example: Obsidian vault protected by an elder gaurdian giving mining fatigue with multi thick walls make it extremely difficult to raid. Also new shulker boxes make ender chest storage inventory 729 slots instead of 27.

    All in All it would be very challenging but I think that would add to the allure. Having a smaller world with small or normal size biomes would give diversity and also help build the community interaction. Several of us have mentioned that building a nether rail is always a fun community build.

    Anyway I could ramble on and on because i think the idea is stellar but i will leave it up to the almighty vote =)
  2. yeah im ok with this, id like to hear a few other peoples thoughts though. By Vanilla, im assuming no plugins at all, no spawn or tp or back.. nothing
  3. nothing =)
  4. I myself do not understand why we need to have another useless world like this for getting players all on w2 is the aim.
    I would suggest myself a resource world where we gather what we need in a free for all world for our homes in w2 this world then would be regenerated or reset with a different seed every month, the world could be made hard or easy whatever admin felt at the time.
    This in turn would be ideal for the new mansions,temples and whatever mojong throw our way in future updates where we can then leave w2 alone .... no more expanding borders adding lag
    My thoughts only thanks
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  5. I like this idea ^
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  6. Yes - can we have this? This would be awesome
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  7. What bugs/issues are you having with multiverse? Ill like to nail these down so i can establish if its down to configuration (my fault) or a plugin issue (get it reported and 'hopefully' fixed. Please use this thread to make your report so we can keep this on topic :)
  8. Is this in the wrong thread .. old boy?
  9. This was due to siamko's comment in his initial post.
    Didnt you read it? ;) lol
  10. its not in Australian so no
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  11. Isn't Australian just the sound of smashing beer mugs against the wall and into faces ?
  12. Im pretty sure Australian is very similar to the sounds made by frightened/panicking sheep?
  13. Not at all its like the sound of a dozen pommies in a pub trying to get away..... Fuk Fukk wot the fuk is hoppening...bugger
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  14. Looks like the dump wins..
    Now would be a good time to throw any other suggestions into the mix.
    Pure Vanilla/nether/End world border set at 2000 blocks?
    This means zero plugins.. none! One of the most common grumbles i heard about hardcore was no tp'ing or homes.
    There will be a portal to enter/leave this world, at, or as near to 0,0 as i can get it
    No map, though client side is obviously available.


    Im hoping to get this completed by the end of next week (23rd)
    If anyone can find a good seed, that would be awesome!!
  15. Pure Vanilla
    World size 10k diameter
    Nether size 1250 diameter
    End size 10k diameter
    (It's easy to expand borders as needed or with new releases, very difficult to shrink or regenerate them)

    Having the world be that small allows vanilla transport systems like nether rails or packed ice roads to really be effective. If we don't keep the world straight Vanilla then it really isn't different enough to justify itself. IMO

    Also the smaller world will help keep the community interacting easy for trading items, animals, villagers

    I would suggest @krustymk that you have essentials so you can set spawn protection, roll backs things like that.

    Vanilla is a blast it's funny to think that "vanilla" is something that a lot of minecrafters haven't played or not much. It can be extremely satisfying and challenging. Especially if it is a Pvp world. That being said we may want to do Pvp west (negative x) PVE east (positive x)

    It's easy to maintain and super straight forward that way.

    Super Excited for this
  16. In my opinion, if you're going ahead with this, a 10K block diameter is NOT a small community imo.

    *shrug* just my opinion
  17. make it 30x30 stick Siamko in it and lock the fuk doors
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  18. Anyone else who leaves w2 for this good luck dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out
  19. Nether and End size will be dictated by the World size (otherwise you could build a portal outside the boundary and die and be stuck in never ending torment for EVEEEEERRRR)
    10k is to big, ill start it off with a 5k border, im going to see if i can find a seed with a mansion and set the portal inside that. The building and contents will be protected!
    Im not expecting it to be an 'either/or' situation. But something a little bit more 'back to basics' from time to time.

    Also, an idea Kevyn suggested has given me an idea ill float out there.. Refreshing the world periodically.. When a new update containing environment changing elements comes out, this world gets refreshed. A minimum of 5 changes (for example, open to suggestions). Again, this is just an idea id like feedback on.

    Also, the portal wont be open to anyone( rank member and above) or a payment will be required. This will be to keep out new players jumping on, jumping in and griefing builds.

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  20. I have a feeling @krustymk we may be saying the same thing ;)

    The 10k diameter (measuring from -5k to +5k, so 5k in all directions) was just an arbitrary number that I pulled out of the air. It would make the world about 1/4 of the size of world 2. @jmactastic has been researching seeds to find one that has a mansion inside the borders but also has alot of the standard biomes and structures players would want. (its very difficult to find a mansion, they apparently will not spawn within 15k of each other)

    As far as the nether and end size I couldnt quite remeber how the end worked, but 1250 is 1/8th of 10k so that is the size the end will be with that measurement anyway.

    As far as wiping the vanilla world when a new update more or less requires it, I am totally down for that. It would be nice if the world files were made available for download when that happens so people can save their builds if they choose to.

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