Dump Hardcore Replace with VANILLA PARADISE =)

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Dump Hardcore Replace with VANILLA PARADISE =)

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  1. To dump

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  2. not to dump

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  1. The world wipe was just something i put out there becasue Kevyn said something along those lines.. the more i think about it the less i think it will happen.. Still, may provoke some ideas?
  2. Vanilla is open, it can be reached through the old Hardcore portal
  3. Are we doing PVP and Raiding only in the West or is it all open or no pvp? @krustymk
  4. PVP and raiding in the West!
  5. Forrest fires everywhere no charge
  6. was that you? sneaky bugger
  7. No but i thought about it
  8. After @jmactastic and I have explored quite a bit it became evident that most of the WEST was all ocean. That didnt seem fair to those that want to build and play in the PVP/raiding area. So after talking with @krustymk we have changed the PVP section to everything north of 0,0.
    PVP/raiding area is everything that is negative Z coordinate. We are also considering placing a wall along the 0 z line to make the border more clear. If the wall is used it will have open gates every 64ish blocks, it is also tall enough to see but not so tall you cant ender pearl easily over it.

    We haven't officially decided on the other demensions but I am fairly confident they will also follow the -z rule for pvp.
    *with the exception of the main island in the end, that will be a pvp free zone. the rest of the islands are free game.

    the people that are playing on the vanilla world are working on establishing 2 main lines of rail track in the nether. One running north and south at 00 and one running east and west at 00. This will make it easier for people to travel about the map.

    If you want to get back to the other amigos worlds you need to use the return portal in the mansion.

    We are also setting up some large public farms in the spawn chunks so people can have access to some key resources. (iron and gold for rails or what not) We currently have public farms setup just south of the mansion for food and some animals, feel free to use what you need just be kind rewind =) (replant, rebreed).
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  9. Sounds bloody awesome!!
  10. I'm gonna spew chuck chunda ..........
  11. Is there a secret handshake? I get booted from the Vanilla portal
  12. yes, there is a perm that lets you through, its to stop random griefers getting there but unfortunately hits some genuine players. Ill sort it out today (just off to work)

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