Greenhouses for your Skyblock island

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    Greenhouses are made out of glass and must contain the blocks found in the Biome Recipe to be valid. There is a recipe GUI. Once built, the greenhouse can be used to grow plants with bonemeal, and it may spawn biome-specific mobs. If you include a hopper with water in it, snow will form inside the greenhouse when it rains. If you put bonemeal in the hopper, biome-specific plants will grow. Some blocks can also transform over time due to "erosion".

    • Craft your own self-contained biome greenhouse on an island (or elsewhere if you like)
    • Greenhouses can grow plants that cannot normally be grown, like sunflowers
    • Friendly mobs can spawn if your greenhouse is well designed - need slimes? Build a swamp greenhouse!
    • Blocks change in biomes - dirt becomes sand in a desert, dirt becomes clay in a river, for example.
    • Greenhouses can run in multiple worlds.
    • Easy to use GUI shows greenhouse recipes (/gh)
    • Admins can fully customize biomes and recipes
    How to Build A Greenhouse (Simple version)
    1. Make glass blocks and build a rectangular set of walls with a flat roof.
    2. Put a hopper in the wall or roof.
    3. Put a door in the wall so you can get in and out.
    4. Type /gh and read the rules for the greenhouse you want.
    5. Exit the GUI and place blocks, water, lava and ice so that you make your desired biome.
    6. Type /gh again and click on the biome to make it.
    Once made:

    1. Use bonemeal to grow small plants on grass immediately in the greenhouse.
    2. Or place bonemeal in the hopper to have the greenhouse sprinkle bonemeal automatically. Come back later to see what grows!
    3. Place a bucket of water (or more) in the hopper to cause snow to fall in cold biomes. Snow will fall when it rains in the world. Each snowfall empties one bucket of water.
    4. Friendly biome-specific mobs may spawn in your greenhouse - the usual rules apply (be more than 24 blocks away).
    5. Enjoy!
    • Can I use stained glass? Yes, you can. It's pretty.
    • Can I fill my greenhouse full of water? Yes. That's an ocean.
    • Will a squid spawn there? Maybe... okay, yes it will, if it's a big enough ocean.
    • How do I place a door high up in the wall if the wall is all glass? Place it on a hopper.
    • How do I place a door on a hopper? Crouch and then place it.
    • Can I use metal doors? Yes.
    • Can I use a trap door? Yes.
    • Can I grow swamp flowers with this? Yes. Make a swamp biome and use bonemeal.
    • How much bonemeal is used to grow plants? One per successful plant.
    • How much water do I need to put into the hopper to make it snow? One bucket of water (just the water) is used up every time it rains. This only happens in cold biomes.
    • Can I build a Nether greenhouse? Try it and see... (Actually, you may need permission)
    • Can I build greenhouses in the Nether? Yes. You can colonize the nether with them.
    • What kind of mobs spawn in the biomes? It's what you would expect, wolves in Cold Taiga, horses on plains, etc.
    Player Commands
    • /greenhouse or /gh can be used for short.
    • /greenhouse help - lists these commands
    • /greenhouse make: Tries to make a greenhouse by finding the first valid recipe
    • /greenhouse remove: Removes a greenhouse that you are standing in if you are the owner
    • /greenhouse list: Lists all the recipes available
    • /greenhouse recipe: Displays the recipe GUI - clicking on a recipe will try to make a greenhouse
  2. Fancy! Thanks Krusty!
  3. where is our nether greenhouse?
  4. Im pretty sure you make the greenhouse and create a nether biome inside?
    Ill have a look in the files tomorrow to see if there is anything i need to do aswell
  5. Ok but there is no icon in the bar like there is for the others
  6. Made a nether Gh cannot activate it think Admin is needed
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  8. Jesus Kev, you're so demanding
  9. Trying to figure out why my brown shirt villagers are not harvesting crops.

    Island settings shows "Crop trampling-Disallowed"
    Is it possible this is why? If not, any other ideas?

  10. think their inventory may be full of crap or did 1.11 change it to only farmers ?
  11. the crop trampling refers to visitors to your island. Villagers are just regular normal villagers like in the other worlds. probably just as Kev says. Ill put a report in anyway just in case
  12. My Shepard villager was a newborn, and full crops went untouched :(

    I HOPE it's not JUST farmers that harvest now *facepalm*

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