Have a great summer!

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by NchantedHoe, May 22, 2017.

  1. Well, as it seems people have moved on, I thought I'd take the time to say have a great summer, and peace out!

    I still enjoy Minecraft very much, but not enjoying an empty server. I'm definitely not interested in starting out new either. I've had a look on the interweb and the adult minecraft server listings are slim pickings these days :(

    ANYWAYS. Maybe in the fall when the weather changes again I'll be attempting multiplay again, but as it stands right now, there doesn't seem to BE multi play.

    Take care peeps! It's been a slice! Heading out to the garden now :p
    Love and kisses (and reach-a-rounds *to those deserving*)
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  2. You will be missed! I know how you feel. I looked around for raging adult-only servers but only found crickets. The new FTB server here is doing alright at the moment (had 10 people online the other day), but that too will pass.
  3. All things pass...
    Itd be pretty cool to all be members of a raging adult only server, regardless of who's it was/is. Unfortunately i dont have the time needed to make this become that (Maybe an opportunity for someone there?)
    You will be missed :'(
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  4. Don't worry Hoe, modded will die when we're tired of it and come crawling back to you. I can't stop until I'm done with Minas Tirith anyway. I have to kill the server or all my work will have been for nothing. Miss your beautiful face! Enjoy the outdoors.
  5. Well... i'm still here. :) On usually around 3:00 mtn time. I'll play with whoever is around, gotta keep this great community going. This community has been one of my favourite gaming experiences in my entire life, I'll be around for as long as you folks let me. :) I may get carried away with factorio or ksp or space engineers when i have a lull in creativity, but i will always be back. Thanks for the great times all these year, love ya all to pieces. ^_^ Sweet dreams all.
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  7. I decided to creep the forums and I was sad to see your post but I understand. I don't have the time or will to play MC lately. Don't lose touch!! Love you and have a wonderful summer <3.
  8. I'm on right now, but admittedly I am not consistent with playing all the time anymore. When I do dip on I'll still be plugging away at vanilla or w2..
  9. Aww, at least CaptLou came and visited me :p ... @i2ainmakr came out of his Interstellar coma too! ;)
  10. Aw, this makes me sad
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  11. your face makes me sad

    thinking about your dirty whore face makes me smile.. then it makes me sad

    I too will probably not be back.. YOU CAN ALL REJOICE.
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  13. I win for being longest gone..right?! I miss you all..even @wiciltd

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