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Discussion in 'Help' started by fiskit_says, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. hey @krustymk ,
    just logged in and was sent to World 2 spawn with a message from /mv that my world wasn't available.
    i know i logged out from W2..
    /home ~ "You don not have access to that command"
    /help ~ same..
    /tps, /seen & /ps ~ appear to work..
    /is command is accessible, but no world to go to.

    seems like multiverse needs a backrub
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  2. ill be on it shortly, out at the minute
  3. as far as i can tell should all be good, restarted the server and checked perms (we are both in the same group and i can do all the commands you couldnt, im not op)
    Cant tell for sure till you log in though
  4. back in order now,

    one issue is that /back is a bit off with multiverse
    if you use an /mv command then your next back doesn't take you where you expect.

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