Mending in Skyblock

Discussion in 'Issues' started by NchantedHoe, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Seems to not be as effective in Skyblock as it is in other worlds. Is this a SB config? or a bug?

    It's not completely absent, but most of the xp orbs seem to attach to player, rather than be applied to tools with Mending enchantments on them.
  2. Ill report it to the author and see what zee score iz.
    Thanks for the update :)
  3. I found it much quicker to remove armour and place item in shield spot to gain max repair
  4. I spoke to the author about this, he is saying there is nothing in his plugin that would alter the default behavour of this and its probably just a grumpy old bastard looking for something to complain about ;). but he will monitor the situation and look in to the 'mending' as its new and may be effected by something he is not aware of currently..... (or in English .. fuck knows)

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