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  1. Taken from the Spigot development site (link at the bottom)

    Today Mojang announced final details of Minecraft 1.11. In particular, Minecraft 1.11 Pre-Release 1 has been released, and the final version is scheduled for Monday the 14th of November. Accordingly we must decide on our own gameplan and release schedule, which is anticipated to be as follows:

    Wednesday 9th
    • No more changes to any SpigotMC repositories.
    Monday 14th
    • BungeeCord support for 1.11 added.
    • Mojang releases Minecraft 1.11.
    Tuesday 15th
    • Draft Bukkit 1.11 API released.
    Wednesday 16th
    • Test servers for CraftBukkit 1.11 go up.
    Thursday 17th
    • Test servers for Spigot 1.11 go up.
    Saturday 19th | Sunday 20th
    • Release of Bukkit, CraftBukkit & Spigot 1.11.
    Subtract one day (more or less) if you’re American.

    Now I can already anticipate the question “But md_5, wasn’t Spigot 1.9 / 1.10 released just after Vanilla? Why not is it not the same this time around?”. The answer to this is as follows: SpigotMC is a gigantic software community / project with a very small development team. Accordingly releases have to be made in such a way which ensures the best possible product for the users (that’s you guys). In planning out this roadmap, we have taken many things into account, including, but not limited to (in order of relevance):
    1. Personal Reasons - Staff Availability: A new release takes many many hours of work, both beforehand, and also immediately afterwards. Sometimes other unavoidable things come up which limit our ability to put in the time beforehand, and also prevent us from having a contiguous space of free time afterwards. This is one of those times.
    2. Previous Releases - Quality: Whilst I won’t disagree that the 1.9 / 1.10 releases were fantastic to get out with the speed they did; both of them had several major flaws initially - Magma Block, Elytra & Frostwalker crashes to name a few. Despite these being fixed within hours, a significant amount of users did not update for days, or even weeks after. This caused disappointment for them, and also a great deal of stress for our team - dealing with the same (fixed) bugs over and over again. It has been our plan since 1.10 to remedy this, and accordingly we have added three days of testing to help catch any such issues beforehand. The first day will be CraftBukkit only (because that is what we will have ready first), and the next two days will be both CraftBukkit and Spigot. Hopefully with your help we won’t have such issues from day 1 this time as a result of improved testing.
    3. Usage of Old Versions - Prisoner’s Dilemma: This is something which is of personal importance to me, and I’m sure many other developers within the community. A lot of developers, myself included, develop because we enjoy it. SpigotMC is a project of passion. I speak for all the staff when I say we spend countless hours each week programming, moderating, supporting, updating, maintaining, because we have a genuine desire to see and support the amazing things that people produce with the support of our work. I’ve pulled 18 hour stints because I felt it important that every server have access to the latest and greatest as soon as practically possible. Yet I look at the statistics today and I see less than 30% of servers are running 1.10.2 (which was released over 150 days ago). Ignoring the other more important vitiating factors above, it seems that 70% of people reading this won’t be updating in year one, let alone day one. It’s a disappointment to us when we (and Mojang) have put in cumulatively tens of thousands of hours of improvements into new versions. It's a disappointment to those who have to try and provide help and support for half a dozen different versions. It’s a disappointment to developers when they can’t actually use the new APIs we have written. It’s a disappointment to server owners when they come to us with bugs and exploits that were fixed months, or even years ago. It’s a disappointment to players who actually want to appreciate the work which has been done in crafting the latest version of their favourite game. What has happened here is a textbook example of the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Servers are being “forced” to stick to the lowest common denominator because “that’s what everyone else is doing”. The reality is that supporting 1.7/1.8/1.9/1.10/1.11 (5 versions!) on the same server is not optimal for anyone, yet it is done anyway. Take the lead. Update. For everyone’s sake.
    I conclude this post as follows: Our duty to the community is to provide server owners with the best tools possible, as soon as possible. With the roadmap above, and points 1 & 2, I believe that we will once again fulfill this duty as early, and as well as possible next week. All we ask of you is that you use the product of our labour. Be the first to take the lead. Don’t spend unnecessary time in jail.

    Still looking forward to release,
    ~Spigot Team

    Original announcement/source here

    Ill be keeping up with this and moving over ASAP
    Unfortunately it wont be immediately as we have a few plugins that may not be ready at release.

    Any thoughts/concerns please add them below :)

    Cheers guys
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