Mob Hunter?

Discussion in 'Issues' started by CaptLou, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. @krustymk Is mob hunter glitched? I'm not getting any notifications or $ today (on Skyblock)
  2. Fixed
    File had become corrupted, sent it to the plugin author to prevent it re-occuring (hopefully he/she can spot the cause and fix it)
    sorry for the inconvenience
    Blame Jai (no particular reason ;) haha)
  3. Sorry, it was my fault.

    please accept my apologies by paying me £3000.00 in game.

    Thank you
  4. hi, is there nay update on the mobhunt?
  5. is it not all working?
  6. #*#*#&&&@^^#
    No. It's was dropping money bags instead of cash then it started dropping heads with each kill.
    I'm running out of wall space. If it weren't for their lifelike sucking action ...
  7. yeah its not working
  8. yeah it is working, i just tried it. It doesnt work on Vanilla by design or if something else please be specific

    Ive changed it back to the default of droping gold bars that put cash straight into you wallet as before. The heads/bags of gold was a new 'feature' in an update.

    To cash in or use the heads/bags of gold use the following commands

    Money Command
    /mh money drop <amount> - to drop <amount money> where player look.
    /mh money give [<toPlayer>] [<mobname|playername>] [<Displayname>] [<Amount>] - give a player
    /mh money drop <playername> <amount> - to drop <amount money> where player look.
    /mh money sell - to sell all bag of gold you are holding in your hand.
    /mh money sell <amount> - to sell <amount money> of the bag of gold you
    /mh money take <player> <amount> - to take <amount> money from player <player>
    /mh money buy <amount> - to get more "bag of gold" and pay with your cash.
    Aliases: [ bag ] You can use /mh bag drop..... instead of /mh money drop...

    If you like the bags of gold/skulls and being able to buy/sell them let me know
  9. Thank you.
    Regarding the new 'feature': the biggest issue I saw was all the heads/bags filled inventory and I couldn't get the drops.


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