Moving to a new box (better)

Discussion in 'News' started by krustymk, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Site/server may be down for periods of time as the info is transfered and the domain name changes across
    12hrs from now all should be done
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  2. So uh. we do nothing for 12 hours?
  3. The joys of relying on other people...............................
    It didnt happen so i am now hiring a new system admin for the move.

    I have read that some people prefer Discord over mumble? Any thoughts? As now is a good time to switch
  4. The new box is a lot more powerful and less likly to suffer any lag, never really hit any server wide lag but there where a few scary moments so i figured i would be preemptive and get a bigger engine (size absolutely matters!!)
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  5. I prefer mumble but that is just because I know it already.
  6. I did some research yesterday and discord intergrates with minecraft chat and some other bonuses over mumble so i think we'll give that a try unless someone can point me towards some deal breaker
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  7. I'm feeling like I missed something... did I miss something? Have I been away that long???
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  8. Im not confident in the current box is pretty much what it amounts too
  9. Hopefully......this time tomorrow it will be done and ill have a sys admin i can call on to do things i cant (see fisting lol)
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  10. Well... its not that time yesterday and the site is back up.. rest shouldnt be to far behind.... hopefully
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  11. is it just me, or is anyone else getting the withdrawal shakes yet?
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  12. So, we should be back to gaming in a bit? Glad to hear it was just a bit worried.

  13. You know it is withdrawal when you are stalking through the BabyBB's facebook to find Krusty and where the server is :)
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  14. Well... no one seemed to find me lol, im probably one of the easiest people to find as well..
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  15. oh lord we may have messaged a rank stranger :p
    we msged a J Brooks
  16. yup... wrong one hahaha
  17. The server is up, there may be some restarts over the next few hours, but each restart (if any) will be a minute tops
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  18. you have a doppelganger then with that scary eye, one jason brooks on the amigos fb page :p
    perhaps msgs don't go through if you aren't friends....i know little about facebook.

    Happy Minecrafting :)
  19. aha yh, just found a shed load of messages from people i dont know
    The African prince who wants to borrow my bank to hide his millions look particullary interesting :)
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