Multiverse (going between worlds/spawn) issues

Discussion in 'Issues' started by krustymk, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. It has been mentioned that some people may have some issues here, can you please let me know if you are having any problems using nether portals or simply jumping between worlds/spawns.
    Ill look into anything reported here and do my best to get it fixed
  2. I'm having an issue with the silk spawners plugin, i think. I have now been able to silk a spawner and get it in my inventory but when i place it down it becomes a pig spawner and does not spawn anything. I have tried with a new skelly spawner I silked after the 1.11 update and with 2 old smelly spawners i had in storage from before the 1.11 update. Both do the same thing however the 2 different versions of spawners will not stack together. i assume different net data on them.
    Thought i would let you know so you can post it to the plugin dev.
  3. Should all be good now, turned out a completely unrelated plugin had a section which managed spawners also (why!?....) disabled that section and we are all good hopefully. Ill see you in game to sort them bits out for you.
    Thanks for the headsup :)

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