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  1. I'm very thankful to those that have used their time to create public building for everyone to use.

    however a few days ago one was griefed. This was in the New World ( W2 )

    The player that did this said that he thought that griefing was allowed in the New World, as stated within the rules on this site.

    Therefore can we have some clarification on this.

    some questions i have are:

    1) How do we know if a building is public? And not one that has been abandoned or simply not protected
    2) How do we confirm public buildings? As anyone could build and then say their buildings are public and therefore cannot be griefed.
    3) How do we access public building? one point that was made to me was "how can they be public if their location and use of them are only known to a small few?"

    Thanks All
  2. I think the easiest way would be for public builds to be sign posted, published on the forum in a 'public Builds' thread and then ill go over and place a protection that allows spawning/inventory access and build rights to the builders.
    Unless someone can think of an easier method?
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  3. Rule 2 pretty much covers this if someone wants to be an ass and destroy something placed for public use then let the door fly back right on their ass ... ffs common sense has to come into play here ... one manipulated use of the rules on a builds now but what are the future intentions of this player?
  4. Unfortuantly a lot of people are born with out any in built sense of what is right/wrong/good/bad or it seems any sense of common desencey and morals..
    Its for these people rules laws and religion exist for without them theyd all be robbing cheating and killing each other and shagging sheep goats and each others partners....
  5. Hold up, Hold up.

    The rules state that
    " W2(and corresponding Nether/End) is hard! anything goes, traps, PVP, stealing, pillaging and collecting heads are all enouraged :)"

    If you read that, common sense would tell you that "greifing" is an active part of the game. There is nothing about " but don't do it to public building - or you will be...."

    all i'm saying is you can't punish someone that destroyed a building if the rule encouraged him to do so.

    Therefore making sure the rule are clear and easy to understand will stop this happening again.
  6. I do not read it anyway like that

    2. No griefing or just generally being an idiot, W2 is pretty much anything goes.

    Read it as it is stated
  7. exactly w2 anything goes and then later its say the before comment
  8. you read it differently to me
    so i can come along and knock holes in your walls or pour lava on your build ... that is disrespectful and griefing
  9. exactly form the rules i would say you can
  10. or put TNT under your build connected to the pressure plate at your door

    The idea of W2 is protect or suffer the consequences.. or if thats to hard use W1

    However i did think that builds obviously there for the betterment of all would be safe without needing a rule to say so... colour me niave i guess..

    Sooo.... please, if you have a public build or know of a public build please let me know so i can drop protection on it (W2 only)
    Ill add a public build thread now, please use that to inform me so that anyone else can use it to check if they find a build thats not protected.

    Thanks guys
  11. Yes i was under the impression that if the build was made for public it was kind of an unspoken unneeded hands off
    but if you just build a place not protect it even after being shown or told then you are fair game ..and of coarse anything Krusty builds needs to be demolished that just standard game play
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