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Discussion in 'Issues' started by CaptLou, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Same issue as earlier @krustymk, You manually promoted me. Once I hit 10 hours, instead of advancing again the /ar check went back to giving me information on choosing a path.
  2. This might be an issue till your time matches your rank (10 days i think) Ill look into it though but with the kids off this week ....
  3. You're not allowed a personal life.
    I'll come over tonight and handle the missus. You get things straight here.

    (Thanks for the help)
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  4. Bump (and vanilla portal is still rejecting me)
    And that sore still hasn't healed. (I think I may have jumbled my notes. Are you the urologist?)
  5. gynecologist, so close ;)
    yh that portal is funny like that, did you try flowers?
  6. you can go through the gate now, BUT it will cost you £500, just ask someone if you dont have that and im sure they will help you get over to the other side :)
    Best way i can think off to keep the riffraff out
  7. You're pimping out the vanilla bean!?
  8. Pimping the fuck out of the bean! That bad boy is gonna be glowing lol
  9. Update:
    I don't know if you did this manually, but if not then things are looking up.
    At logon today I was bumped up to "Player" (are there new ranks?)
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