Skyblock updated, here are the new features

Discussion in 'News' started by krustymk, Nov 22, 2016.

    1. 1.11 support, i.e., llamas
    2. Top 10 island GUI added
    3. Magic Cobble Generator option - see config.yml
    4. Added useMinishop config option - see config.yml
    5. Llamas
    6. /island tc added for team chat
    7. Team chat logging to console option added.
    8. Added option to require a minimum level to create warps
    9. Option to toggle join/leave messages
    10. Llamas
    11. API updates for challenge info and new events: WarpCreateEvent and WarpRemoveEvent
    12. Llamas can be companions.
    13. Added option to prevent visitors extinguishing fires
  1. Thanks Boss.. now lets party
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  2. Pffth... Llamas.
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  3. llamas nchant you know those mysterious creatures... like unicorns ... better build a big ark it seems
  4. what is magic cobble generation?
  5. The issue with the egg in mini shop it seems is all eggs on sky are broken as well
  6. yh, its been fixed but i havnt had time to upload the fixed files, ill get on it when i get up in the morning and the server is empty (off to bed now)
  7. Ive not had chance to read up on it yet, ill have a look asap and let you know

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