We are now 1.12!

Discussion in 'News' started by krustymk, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Currently the only plugin im aware with issues is SignShop
    Everything else appears to be working
    Please let me know if you find any issues
    have fun :)
  2. YAY!! ??
    I sent you my Snapchat ;)
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  3. Im waiting on a fix now for chat, shouldnt be to long
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. All should be good now, ive reset the maps because there has been a long awaited update to dynmap that includes textures for some blocks previously missing so the maps wouldnt render correctly
    maps not worlds
    Ill start the render up tomorrow, time for bed here
  6. thanks kruty
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  7. hi Krusty

    do you know how long the map will take to render
  8. Not started it yet, been busy, ill get on it tonight mate
  9. thanks maaaate
  10. mcmmo bonus drops (at least I've noticed while digging dirt) are non-existent.. however NOT getting the double stone drops is wonderful!
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  11. I thought Snapchat was for dick pics? There are other uses?
  12. No, just dick pics ;)
  13. hello, any update on the map
  14. Bloody hell.... ok ok
    Which world would you like done first?
  15. 2 please
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  16. can we have the map for world 1 please

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