We are on 1.11 !

Discussion in 'News' started by krustymk, Nov 19, 2016.

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    All updated along with plugins and i think we are good to go!!
    If you find any issues please let me know

    Cheers guys :)
  2. O M G!
    Llama's weeeeeee
  3. no llama's! :(

    A lot of us have been scouring the extreme hills and savanna biomes and no llamas. It feels like the chunks are stuck in 1.10 mode.

    Also, I'm guessing since the map has completely rendered all ready, there won't be any forest mansion spawns?
  4. Keep scouring, if nothing turns up ill start a new world ;)
    If i end up starting a new world we'll have some discussion about what it will be all about
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  5. maybe try a 2K block map expansion before such drastic measures as a new world! Geesh! lol
  6. how about deleting all empty .mca files and letting them regen..
    maybe test a current region with //chunk & then //regen
  7. seems the egg in the mini shop for pig is faulty .Can you take a gander at this thanks Krusty
  8. Thatll be a bug introduced via 1.11 kevyn. ill make a bug report
  9. Ill look into that, wasnt aware that could be done
  10. We have llamas so everyone can calm down.
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  11. i have a llama and i will pet him and squeeze him and call him jmac :p errrr George
  12. small issue to report. the skeleton spawner i have in the nether no longer spawns wither skeletons, just regular ones. i would assume that has something to do with the name changes again in the update
  13. yh its going to be something to do with that, ill look into it and make a bug report if no one else has
    Thanks :)

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