Winter Wonderland Build Competition

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  1. Hey all!

    Welcome to the Amigos first annual winter build competition! Open to all holidays, we've began a winter wonderland at /warp xmas in World 2. We've already created a neighborhood - you just have to pick one of the 11 available plots to build your own! Rules are as follows:

    • This build WILL be judged by a committee of Siamko, Krusty, Jmac, and myself. Therefore, required items need to be accessible.
    • Points will be given on the following on a scale from 1-5.
      • Creativity
      • Adherence to Requirements
      • Theme Accuracy
      • Originality
      • Peoples Choice (2 points for each vote)
    • Build must be within y=0 and y=100, and must be contained to the 15x15 area WITHIN (not including) the fence.
    • Build must be a house.
      • Sign with IGN
      • Attic
      • Basement
      • Kitchen (area)
      • Item Frame
      • Painting
      • Fireplace
      • Chimney
      • Tree (Does not have to be a Christmas tree)
      • Window
      • Door
      • Bedroom (area)
      • Potted Plant
      • Crafting Bench
      • Furnace
      • Bed
      • Water
      • Chest
      • Torch
      • Brewing Stand
      • Cauldron
      • Banner
      • Armor Stand (with armor, any type)
      • Ender Chest
      • Lava
      • Redstone Lamp (powered)
    For an extra punch, we have a few bonus challenges. Each one completed is an extra point added to your build. Each of the same type must be different (If you have two bunnies, only one will count, etc).
    • OPTIONAL challenges (+1pt for each completed)
      • Animal
      • Villager
      • Crop
      • Mob heads

    Builds must be completed by December 15th, votes must be cast by December 20th, and prizes/winners will be announced by December 23rd.

    There will be a donation hopper for prizes at the xmas spawn igloo. Please message me if you would like to make any financial contributions to the prize.

    Further questions can be directed to Krusty, Siamko, or I.

    Happy Building!!!

    Side note: If you would like to build something else, like a Christmas Tree or menorah etc, feel free to build outside of the Winter Wonderland Neighborhood.
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  2. I am down and already placing blocks I need to destroy :p Krusty please add permit on my plot that Music was so
    kind to mark.

    Thank ya HO HO HO
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