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    After you join the The Amigos Minecraft Server you'll have 5 minutes where you cant build or break blocks.

    Use this time to explore a spawn a little, jump out to some random destinations via the sign at the bottom of the stairs on the left (hit the sign, teleport to a random destination, if you dont like it use /spawn and start again). Alternatively go through the portal on the right into the W2 universe, here PVP is encouraged along with trap building and general skulduggery!

    When you find an area you want to start creating your masterpiece, type '/sethome home1' (home1 can be replaced with a name of your choosing) then '/ps on' and place the 'white wool block' in your inventory, this will give a 30x30 bedrock to sky protection(centered on the wool block). No one can grief your build or see inside your chests inside this area! Type '/ps off' to place block as regular blocks again.

    As you go forward you will gain access to more of these blocks and some more interesting ones which cost money (in game, not real money) which can be generate by killing mobs or creating a shop and selling goods.

    Use the other posts (Ranks/Guides) to gain a better understanding of what you can use and how you can use them.
    W2 has a restriction on flying stones which W1 doesn't (you cant use them) and skyblock has PreciousStone disabled completly, other than that plugin are equal across all worlds

    Have fun :)
  2. Krusty, is that your actual face or are you a dog? I need to know, I can't take it anymore.
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  3. That is my actual face, during a full moon
  4. krusty we had a new player log on today and wait the 10 mins and still couldn't come to w2.
    She actually stuck around for an hour and still nothing.
  5. hmmm... I thought new players spawned in W2... Ill look into this, thanks for letting me know
  6. Fixed, turned out to be a multiverse perm stopping the portal working (different plugin, different author...)
    Thanks for letting me know
  7. Auto Rank isn't working. Player CaptLou has been on for over an hour and is still a Visitor :(
  8. krusty ranks seem to still be borked for new players. serveanthesia has been on for more then an hour and is still a visitor. she was however able to get to w2.
  9. Im sorting it out now, server needs to be down whilst it is reconfigured..
    my initial thought of 5mins may have been a bit ambitious ....
  10. 'Should' be fixed.. the rank plug had some major alterations regarding setup.
  11. Thanks for being so quick krusty. I'll let you know if I see any more issues pop up
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  12. player killrar was just on for 5+ min, didn't change from Visitor :(
  13. I was peeking into @NchantedHoe's window and was still listed as a visitor.
    I've been there long enough to be a "stalker"
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  14. Some better examples have been put up and i 'think' i see the error, getting on it now

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