Pretty sure everything (minus the donation page) is working now on the new site

The server Whitelist is ON, please request whitelist in the 'Introductions' area here if you are not already listed.

There is 1 player online.

Connect to the server with the IP


I think ive added everyone who has been on the server in the last 6 months, but in case i missed you or you are new to the server please start a new thread here
Please make your request along these lines as a new thread. Only IGN and age are compulsory 

In Game Name: Krustymk
Age: over 21
Hobbies: Stealing candy off small children 
Interesting fact about me: Been around since the dawn of time

08 Oct 2017, 19:42 2 | 11
Wasnt the world supposed to end today?
Forum is back up
server is on 1.12.2
and i have no work tomorrow
so on the whole... things are pretty bloody good!
Until the link is back up the top MAPS

23 Sep 2017, 23:09 0 | 10
Currently the only plugin im aware with issues is SignShop Everything else appears to be working Please let me know if you find any issues have fun :)

10 Jun 2017, 08:17 15 | 453
Feel free to add more screenshots to this page :D[ATTACH=full]71[/ATTACH] My resolution is to go outside more! I love you guys, but I really need to leave my house more often.

01 Jan 2017, 04:03 4 | 394
Not all plugins are working correctly so we will have to wait for some updates

21 Dec 2016, 12:53 4 | 967