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IGN: KrustyMK
by KrustyMK » 24 days ago

Ive decided to bring back 'The Amigos', like a phoenix rising from the ashes? or a turd that wont flush? 

Its all new, new site (still in development)

Plugins will be kept to a minimum with just the following

  • 'Essentials' to support your basic commands (homes etc)
  • 'Residence' to mark out your territory/home 
  • 'Skyblock' for er.. skyblck
  • 'Economy' so you can buy and sell
  • 'Shops'  A basic server shop and player shops to make THE MONEY
  • 'Voting' with money rewards and specail random rewards
  • 'Chat' with channels , 2 specifically, Global and over18(verified). over18 channel members will be able to see all chat but global channel members only global chat

Once everything is set up plugins will only be updated if a bug is found

Worlds will only be reset when a minecraft update demands it.




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IGN: Bismuthe
by Bismuthe » 21 hours ago

I really liked this server.  Plans for live map? ????