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IGN: krustymk
by krustymk » 2 months ago

Now on 1.14.4

250 and a random item (including the chance of a spawner or egg)for every vote with a max of 5 a day!


New 1.14 worlds

Create shops or use the server shops at either /spawn or /island spawn

Build something awesome!

A minecraft server for adults! With a confirmed 18+ dedicated channel

Whitelist only, simply register here to be whitelisted on play.theamigos.co.uk


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IGN: Mr_Killer01
by Mr_Killer01 » 2 months ago

Hi, any problems on starting your server up? No? Ok, if so, thats good... 

It is a shame that upgrading servers from the pre-1.14 era are only in server console visible, except a few fish and areas that are undiscovered there is absolutely no change or whatsoever.... Shame on Mojang. They knew!!!

I did take time to let them mojangers know about this unfortunate side-effect, that I think should have been solved by now. It is hard to grasp for me that they just say to all those big world builders out there:"Well dude, sorry, but you have to depart from over 10 years of building in your world!" 

Are they nuts? If you know what constructions and immessureable effort, time, fun and pain is put in those worlds, how dare they say that we must simply throw it away..... Bonkers, that's what they are...

How about we challenge them making a solution for all those server owners out there who don't upgrade or live with the midevil builds non-1.14.x compliant!  How about we say:"We are not gonna take that shit from you Mojang/Microsoft!!"  this is no way to treat paying fans!

I think I'll hit a brick wall personally, and I have been trying to use tools to upgrade the world, chunk by chunk, but it is so massive that I can't tell if there is a build under the surface or not. Not gonna put candles everywhere or something, because that also does not work in the end.

Anyone a better idea? oh, do please tell and do not forget to nag at Mojang about this shit  they pulled off.


So, I'm cleansed of a burden, it is now in the open, everyone interested can know now...


I hope Krusty that I kept things neat, otherwise let me know.

So, all you readers and Minecraft Morons, Have Fun on any server you like, I will I am....

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IGN: krustymk
by krustymk » about 1 month ago

Yh it is a massive pain although not really sure how you would get around it?.. with new villages and world features itd be a major chore! Perhaps do a new world and use worldedit to transfer the good builds?Something im considering now actually, there where some epic builds on the last server and it'd be a shame not to show them off