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by krustymk » 8 months ago

Things are rolling on, slowly but surely

Discord is all setup and linked with the server.

2 Channels, Global and over18, everybody defaults to global chat. You have to be verified to enter over18 (that you are over 18 ), the over18 channel can see both channels and any member of the over18 channel can give another player access.

A small 'Server shop' will be available in both the 'SkyBlock' and 'Normal' worlds, these are primarily for selling wood,cobble,ingots,diamonds,emeralds too for cash. A few other items will be available like eggs for pets (parrot for example) but no mobs.

Im getting a new logo and banner, waiting on that

Voting is pretty much set up, each vote will get a cash prize plus a chance of a rare item such as a spawner.