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by krustymk » 7 months ago

5 Voting links now (to get the in-game cash rolling) in the 'VOTING' tab on the navigation bar

Some of the FAQ link done, commands for the plugins etc 

Having 2 chat channels and finding a reliable way of trying to keep the youngsters out of it has been a PITA, Ive had to go down the route of a donation page, the permission isnt free but you can set your own price as low as 1p (1 English penny), then you get the perm to access over18 chat.

Ive seen some interesting ideas with donation pages, hats or various other cosmetic goodies... and it would be nice to have the server self funding, maybe a little bit extra for some cool extras?

Skyblock isnt quite ready, there is a bug where inventories are lost sometimes, hopefully fixed soon.

The server is whitelisted and will remain so, to get access simply register on this site.. Thats it, the site tells the server you have registered and whitelists you. You will see a little notification under the navigation bar with a command you need to enter in game to confirm your ID.

Warning though, still a fair few bugs, stuff WILL get lost and there is nothing that can be done about that at this point.

And the Discord channels should sync with the server chat just fine