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ANd so it began... again about 1 month ago

Ok, I got the file over on other raid, there I could share it to you, but be not too hasty, It is stil copying and is available until June the first this year.....

If you want to make my server to notice, www.druifjes.nl and Now I have NewHolland in 1.13.2 (still) and Amigo's (1.13.2) but I am looking forward to the plugin updates so that I can convert that one too to 1.14.x. 

I have now put a new world in place of Amigos, Midgard, and that one is 1.14.1.

You want to see the dynmaps www.druifjes.nl:8123 www.druifjes.nl:8124  


This is the link to your old Amigos....   https://druifjes.tonidoid.com/urlpnrjtb

active until june 1st....  Any problems, let me know, ill look here on and off if all goes well...



ANd so it began... again about 1 month ago

You mean the original file you posted? I still have it, and it is still in its same problematic form (I mean the version and then the plugins, links to databases that do not exist anymore.....)

I try to give you access to it, I think pastebin..... my own server refuses to give a public share (don't know why)


Ps. it is 30 GB

WHAT???? So, ive maintained your honour and server from beginning 2018 until now and you decide to phoenix it all again????

No problem you are doing this, but what am I supposed to do with 'your' world?

I really liked what Jai made through the years, as I have been visiting your server from 2015 until the day it died?

I thought it was a shame to let it go down (as you know) but I want your advise over this issue, 

do you want me to remove the Amigo's world from my server or not? I have on Spigotmc.org also created a banner where it says that we support theAmigos.uk, and I don't want the world to be confused....


Please Krusty, advise me on this.