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Yh it is a massive pain although not really sure how you would get around it?.. with new villages and world features itd be a major chore! Perhaps do a new world and use worldedit to transfer the good builds?Something im considering now actually, there where some epic builds on the last server and it'd be a shame not to show them off

Now on 1.14.4

250 and a random item (including the chance of a spawner or egg)for every vote with a max of 5 a day!


New 1.14 worlds

Create shops or use the server shops at either /spawn or /island spawn

Build something awesome!

A minecraft server for adults! With a confirmed 18+ dedicated channel

Whitelist only, simply register here to be whitelisted on play.theamigos.co.uk

Well.. everything seems to be golden!

TheAmigos adult minecraft server is now running minecraft 1.14.3!

There are some map issues but until the plugin developer irons them out its what we are stuck with.

Please report any issues you find 


TheAmigos adult minecraft server

plugins 6 months ago

Ive loaded mcmmo on there, horses mcmmo isnt working currently

plugins 6 months ago

Ill have a look when i get home, completely forgot about mcmmo, didnt know about horses. Ill update later