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Well.. everything seems to be golden!

TheAmigos adult minecraft server is now running minecraft 1.14.3!

There are some map issues but until the plugin developer irons them out its what we are stuck with.

Please report any issues you find 


TheAmigos adult minecraft server

plugins 28 days ago

Ive loaded mcmmo on there, horses mcmmo isnt working currently

plugins 29 days ago

Ill have a look when i get home, completely forgot about mcmmo, didnt know about horses. Ill update later

Server has been updated to 1.14.2

The Amigos main world has been deleted and regenerated, currently filling to a border of 3000 in preperation for the server map (map link above) so all the minecraft 1.14.2 goodness can be appreciated. Now is the time to do it, whilst any builds are just a few hours old. (apart from mine.. sob..)

If you have registered on this site you are whitelisted and can join the server, its an automated process

Im pretty sure all and any issues have been found and elliminated

Brand new 1.14.2 world and skyblock

Ive yet to make a small spawn area and admin shop area in the new world but ill sort that in the next couple of days

Spawn and shop are done

So, come and make your mark if you like :)

Nah keep it going or do what ever you like with it. Im not doing this as competition or anything similar to anyone. I tried loads of servers and nothing really grabbed me, so i thought id make one and use it to play on. If others like it and want to join then any and all are free to do so..

If you like, give me a link and ill add it to the address bar or something :)

I lost the download link for it and cant remember where i hosted it.. if you know or remember i wouldnt mind posting that back up for anyone to grab?